Tuesday 10 December, 2013

Christmas Carol service

UTC choir

The Christmas carol service in the UTC was held on Sunday, December 8 at 6:30 P.M. on the UTC lawn. The programme was live streamed on the internet. The worship convenor for this academic year, Rev. Dr. Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar was in charge of the service and Ms. Jeviholi Swu, MTh I was the choir conductor. The songs sung by the choir and the various language fellowship groups can be found on the utc you tube page. The first song sung by the choir "Ding dong merrily on high" can be found at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyoHMuZK2ro 

Kannada fellowship

Hindi fellowship

Naga fellowship

Telugu fellowship

Tamil fellowship

Malayalam fellowship
Junior Bible Fellowship

Pictures- Mr. Calvin Sushith Ambler
Video- Communication department with help from Mr. Vasikaran Williams


Monday 9 December, 2013

Christmas dinner 2013

 The public meeting followed by the annual Christmas dinner was held in UTC on Saturday from 6:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. The public function was held mainly to give a sent off to the outgoing YMCA director Mr. George Varghese and welcoming the new YMCA director Mr. Fernandes. The new PRO of the UTC Ms. Sashikala was also introduced and welcomed.

The principal informed the gathering of the new appointments made in college. The public meeting also had several cultural programmes. The faculty advisor of the Christmas dinner this year was Rev. Dr. David Joy.

Photo credit- Mr. Calvin Sushith Ambler


Sunday 8 December, 2013

Live streaming of Christmas carol service

The live streaming (live on the internet) of the UTC Christmas carol service will be done today from 6:00 P.M. onwards @ http://ustre.am/17RJZ  The entire programme can be watched live by clicking on the link.

Thursday 28 November, 2013

UTC faculty and students participate in Society of Biblical Literature seminar via video conference

The UTC faculty and students participated in a seminar on 'Reinventing Biblical Studies' through video conference on Monday, November 25th at 7:30 P.M. IST (2:00 P.M. GMT). The seminar was conducted by the Society Of Biblical Literature. The idea of the participation in the seminar via the internet was forwarded to the communication department by the biblical studies department through Dr. David Joy. The video conference via webex was co-ordinated by the communications co-ordinator of SBL, Mr. Christopher Hooker and the Communication Department of the UTC.

The faculty, researchers and students in UTC found this as a unique experience and are hoping that many more such meetings will be made possible via the internet. Multiple logins were done for the meeting from various parts of the world and the presenters were asked questions through this platform.


Photo's- Paul Karunakar, BD III


Monday 25 November, 2013

Interaction with Dalit Christian Colony

The BD students doing a course on Dalit Theology had a meaningful exposure to a dalit colony known as ‘Christian Colony’ in Kalinayakahalli, about 60 kms from Bangalore, Karnataka on 24th November, 2013. This was arranged as a part of the Dalit Theology course on behalf of the Department of Theology and Ethics of the United Theological College by Dr. George Zachariah and Rev. Raj Bharath Patta, the course instructors. The students from the Student Christian Movement in India also joined the exposure. The intention of this visit was to give a wider exposure to the life and spirituality of rural Dalit Christians so as to understand the dalit realities which would help the students in their discourses of doing Dalit Theology from the perspective of the Dalits and Dalit Christians.

The session began by participating in the communion worship service in the village church followed by group discussions about various aspects and issues of the local Dalit Christians in general and dalits in general. Rev. Raj Bharath Patta, lead the students through a profound exposure to the Christian dalit issues and thus helped in understanding the importance of Dalit Christian realities in doing Dalit Theology. Rev. Rueben Manohar, a UTC alumnus and pastor in this congregation in Kalinayakahalli was instrumental in explaining the life-style, Christian faith and spirituality and issues pertaining to the Dalit Christian realities. Later the students visited the dalit colony and interacted with the people to know better about the dalit life and spirituality. The students discussed the issues that caught their attention and sought clarifications and insights from Rev. Raj Bharath Patta and Rev. Rueben Manohar. The visit was very helpful for the students in forming and articulating theology from the dalit perspective and thus addressing the issues of oppression, alienation, marginalization and humiliation. 

The students felt that this exposure gave a better understanding about the life realities and situations of rural dalit Christians and expressed sincere gratitude to the course instructors, Dr. George Zachariah and Rev. Raj Bharath Patta and to the SCMI for organizing such a meaningful exposure. It was also suggested that more such exposures could help in doing theology in dalit and subaltern perspectives in a better way.

Photos and report- Paul Karunakar, BD III


Sunday 24 November, 2013

Biblical Studies Inter Faculty Seminar

The annual inter-faculty seminar of the department of Biblical studies was held at the United Theological College Bangalore, yesterday. The theme for this year was “Biblical Response to Ecological Challenges”.  The participants were from the St.Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Dharmaram Vidyakshetram and the United Theological College.

Inaugural Session
The inter faculty seminar was held under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Dexter Maben, the acting chairperson of the Biblical Studies Department at the UTC. The postgraduate and doctoral students of UTC (Biblical Studies) helped in the conduct of the programme. Rev. Rengbi Rangthang  (D.Th III, NewTestament) was the coordinator for this seminar. The seminar began with praise and worship led by Mayang and team. Rev.Dr. Dexter Maben gave the introduction after which Rev.Dr. C.I.David Joy  welcomed the participants. The inaugural worship began with the lighting of the lamp by the heads of the institutions and the worship led by the doctoral students under the coordination of Ms. Sushana Pramanik. Rev.Dr. John Samuel Raj, the principal of UTC, gave the inaugural address based on Psalm.104:24-31. He challenged the participants to come out of the narrow anthropocentric approach to a wider hermeneutics, reading the Bible afresh in the light of the earth crisis. Since the Bible begins with the creation, it should be given paramount place in our theological and hermeneutical endeavours, he said.

Papers Presented
Six papers, three from Old Testament and three from New Testament, were presented in the seminar. Fr. Jomon Thomas (St. Peter’s) presented the first paper titled “Ecological Concerns in the Law Codes of Pentateuch”. The presenter pointed out the need to go back to the scripture to understand how ecological concerns were central to the Law codes in Pentateuch and to see the progression of thought with regard to the ecological concerns in these law codes, namely, covenant codes, deuteronomic codes and holiness code. Three constituent parts of the created world is emphasised in all these codes, such as land, vegetative world and animal world. Rev.Dr.John Samuel Raj, the principal of UTC, moderated this session and the response was given by Sr.Rekha Rose. The participants suggested the need for taking into consideration the Ancient West Asian context and the practical applicability of these things in the present scenario. There is a need to address the issue of power, theology of justice and re-reading of cross-breeding.

The second paper was on “Paul and Ecology” presented by Sr. Hazel Alexander (DVK). Fr. Dr. Alfred Joseph of St.Peter’s moderated this session. This was responded by Fr. Suresh Mathew. The paper anchored on two main passages in the Pauline letters, Rom. 8:19-23; Colo. 1:15-20. This was explained in the light of other passages dealing with issues like understanding of creation in Pauline writings, the state of creation, new creation and restoration. The transformation is possible only in and through Jesus Christ. The paper saw Paul as an ecological prophet. The paper also gave the implications in the present context and urged the participants to acknowledge the ecological crisis as a spiritual crisis, to develop a new lifestyle with simplicity and coherent with the order of nature and to reconsider the meaning of well-being in relation to the wider context of society and holistic harmony with the cosmos.  The discussions from the floor suggested to see Paul and Greco-Roman context on ecology and to delineate the role of the church, if ecological crisis is a spiritual issue, in the present scenario. There is a need to bring the implications of new creation to present ecological crisis, though further clarity is required as to how to do it.

Ms.Lahtaw Nang Dim Pri (UTC) presented the paper titled “Wisdom Literature and its Response to Ecological Crisis”. This session was moderated by Fr.Dr.Joseph Titus (St.Peter’s). The response was given by Fr. Walter D’Souza. This paper dealt with issues like the roots of ecological crisis, the major ecological crisis' and the understanding of creation in wisdom literature. The paper suggested certain theological implications, especially from a tribal perspective. The questions from the floor were basically regarding the practical applicability and logical application of this in the light of the present scenario of development and the need to consider Qoheleth (for example, in chapter three equality of animal and human is mentioned) in making a response from the wisdom literature.

The fourth paper titled “Prophetic concern on Ecology” was presented by Fr.S.Nicholas (DVK). This was moderated by Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones Muthunayagom (UTC). Mr.Liiduo Lanah B (UTC) gave the response. The paper considered prophetic concern in general and Hosea.2:18-23 in particular. The important points of discussion from the floor were covenant between God and earth, the logic of God punishing nature whenever humans commit sins, the eschatology and ecological crises, the animal killing (sacrifice) and ecology.

Fr. Bijeesh Chacko(St.Peter’s) presented the fifth paper titled “Biblical Response to Ecological Crisis: Synoptic View Point”. Rev. Dr. C.I.David Joy (UTC) moderated this session and Rev.Saju Mathew(UTC) responded to the paper. The punch line of the paper was the urge for a change from anthropocentric to life-centred hermeneutics. The paper has argued that Bible is eco-friendly and the use of the term ‘ochlos’ in the synoptic gospels can be read as nature from the perspective of marginalisation. The discussion from the floor suggested that it is not only anthropocentric to bio-centric, but now the shift is to read it from a cosmo centric frame work. Jesus was responding to the Greco-Roman colonisation on the land of Palestine and its people. Therefore impact of globalisation needs to be addressed. The birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and its connection with ecology needs further consideration.

The sixth paper titled “In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being (Acts.17:28): A Biblical Response to Ecological Crisis” was presented by Rev.I Limatemsu Ao (UTC). This session was moderated by Fr.Dr.Sebastian Mullooparambil (DVK). Sr.Hazel Alexander responded to the paper. The paper was finding out the ecological concerns in the Acts, especially in the early Christian Kerygma. Discussions regarding the paper were mainly on the title and its link with ecology.

Concluding session

The concluding session was moderated by Rev.Dr.Daniel Jones Muthunayagom. The main agenda was regarding the theme for the next meeting at St.Peter’s Pontifical Institute, which will be held on 22nd November, 2014. Out of the several suggestions, “Economics and Ethics from Inter-Scriptural Perspective” was proposed as the theme for the next meeting. This was followed by remarks from representing institutions. Fr. Dr. Joseph Titus (St.Peter’s) informed the participants regarding the publication of these paper of the Inter faculty series. Fr. Dr. Sebastian Mullooparambil (DVK) challenged the participants to become ambassadors of the message (discussions on ecology) and Rev. Dr. C.I. David Joy (UTC) pointed out the need for more interaction between seminaries.  The commitment song by Jeviholi Swu and Mayang added colour to the closing ceremony and during this time representatives from participating institutions poured water on plants as a symbol of commitment to ecological concerns.  Rev.Dr. Dexter Maben proposed the vote of thanks. There were also announcements regarding the “BIBLE DARSHAN” the international seminar which is going to be held at the UTC, on January 30-February 1, 2014. The meeting was concluded with prayer and benediction by Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones Muthunayagom. 
Reported by Rev. Biju C.


Monday 18 November, 2013

Inter Sunday School Competition held

The Inter-Sunday school competition of the UTC was held on November 16, 2013. The St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral, Queen's Road, Bangalore won the over all championship. East Parade Malayalam CSI church was runner up. The Inter-Sunday school competition is held every year and many churches in Bangalore participate. This year 28 churches participated. Children, Sunday school teachers and parents came together for an entire day in UTC.

UTC was full of children in the morning itself and the programme was inaugurated by the student co-ordinator Mr. Manoj M, the Carey society secretary Mr. Manda Prashanth Babu and the faculty advisor Fr. Jerry Kurian. This was followed by a string of competitions in the main hall, Tagore Hall and the JR Chandran Academic block. The competitions were so close as the children reminded everyone that they were very talented. Group song and choreography was  keenly watched as were other competitions.

The closing function was held at 6:00 P.M. and the co-ordinator thanked the churches who accepted UTC's invitation and participated. The students worked the entire night to have the hall ready and many BD and MTh students helped in the logistics and arrangements on the competition day.

Photo credits- Calvin Sushith Ambler, BD III
                       Joe Jacob


Monday 4 November, 2013

New website for UTC

The new website of the UTC was inaugurated and dedicated to the glory of God yesterday in the Tagore Hall after the Sunday evening worship. The preacher Rev. Dr. Jones Muthunayagom offered a prayer, the principal Rev. Dr. John Samuel Raj clicked for viewing the website and Dr. Rini Ralte clicked on the UTC Bangalore facebook page.

The website is now available on the domain name www.utc.edu.in  The new webite is being managed and maintained by the Communication Department in the UTC. Traffic to utcbangalore.org will be redirected to the new college website. 

Thursday 31 October, 2013

UTC video

The link of the video on UTC produced by the Communication department for the WCC assemby in Busan, Republic of Korea is available at the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG2ATPoBYG4  The video brings in views by various students of the college by looking at services on offer and various activities of the college.

Tuesday 22 October, 2013

UTC alumni refresher

Dr. Nalini Arles, Co-ordinator

The UTC alumni refresher course started today morning with participants attending from all over the country. The alumni who arrived in the morning are attending the various sessions prepared for them. The campus is happy to see old faces and the students and staff are refreshing memories with the alumni.

Reflections on Theological Education

Indian Classical Dance

Sunday 20 October, 2013

UTC Alumni Refresher Course programme 2013


Theme: Theological Education and the Church

22nd October, 2013 (Tuesday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship at Ziegenbalg Chapel

9:00-9:15                                 - Inaugural  -    UTC Principal

9:20-10:30                               - Theological Education and the Church in India-  Key Note Address by Dr. K.C. Abraham

10:30-10:45                             - Coffee Break

10:45-11:30                             -  Bible, Context and the Interpretation: Re-reading
  Psalm 22   with Dalit Communities in India- Rev. Dr. K. Jesurathnam

11:30-1:00                               - A Case Study“Can a Church be an NGO ?”

1:00-2:00                                 -  Lunch

2:00-3:00                                 -Laity’s Expectations of the ministry of  the Church - Mrs.Balasundram    and Dr. Charles
-  Laity’s interest in Theological Education -   Rajesh
- Reflections on  Theological Education  -  Alumni.   Rev. Jerry Anderson,   Dr. Ezekiel S. Kumar, Rev. P. Deenan Inbarasu  and  Father Jacob Joseph

3:00-4:20                                   - Transition of Ethics in Church and Academy – Dr. Allan S. Palanna

23rd  October, 2013 (Wednesday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship with the UTC Community at Tagore hall - Worship conducted  by Alumni

9:10-10:10                               - Issues Confronting the Theological Education and the Church” – Reflections of Bishop Sampath Kumar

10:15-11:15                             - Health – Experiential Session with - Mr. Datta

11:15-11:30                             - Coffee Break

11:30-12:30                - The impact of Mental illness on the Indian Population in India: Challenges to the Church -  Medico Pastoral Association

12:30-1:00                           - Review of  New books from the Church and Synod- Rev. Vinod Victor
                                                   and Fr. Kurian Mathew   

1:00-2:00                             - Lunch with UTC Community at Charles Ranson Hall

2:00-4:00                   -Alumni sharing their Experiences Especially Pastoral Problems Confronted by them - Faculty with Senior Students – Doctoral, M.Th II (Counselling) and BD IV (Pastoral Administration) will  attend  the session

4:30-5:30                                 - Faculty Research Seminar at Tagore Hall  -  Dr. David Joy

24th October, 2013 (Thursday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship Service at Ziegenbalg Chapel

9:10-10:00                               - Theological Education, Church and Society – Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones     Muthunayagom

10:00-11:00                             - Justice Mission Work Among  Children: Challenges to the Church

11:00-11:15                             - Coffee Break

11:30-12:00                             - Presentation of the Construction Project  -  Mr. George Varghese

12:00-1:00                               - Closing Worship and Communion – Rev. N.B  Gladstone Robert and Dr. Nalini Arles.

Tuesday 17 September, 2013

Writers Workshop conducted in Mumbai

Some of the participants in the Writers Workshop
The Writers workshop conducted by the United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai and the United Theological College, Bangalore was held yesterday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the YMCA International House in Mumbai Central. The one day workshop was inaugurated by the secretary of the UBM Church Council, Mr. Samuel Jayaprakash Bangera and the Joint Treasurer of the UBM Church Council, Mr. Christopher Fredericks. They also greeted and honoured the resource persons. The workshop was attended by thirty pastors of the CNI, Methodist and Basel Mission churches in Mumbai.

Mr. Robert Clements
The workshop started with prayer and meditation which was lead by Rev. Jeyakumar, Associate Professor in the department of New Testament in the UTC, Bangalore. This was followed by a welcome and introduction of the resource persons. Mr. Robert Clements was the chief resource person. He is a very well known journalist in Mumbai and writes a daily column called Bob’s Banter which is published in as many as 30 newspapers and magazines all over the country and in other countries as well. He has an estimated audience of 6 million readers. He was helped by Fr. Jerry Kurian, who teaches Communication in the UTC. The resource persons held sessions on why to write, the spirituality of writing, how to publish one’s writing, writing exercises and current issues in society. The workshop stressed the need to write and encouraged the pastors to write more. Writing for traditional newspapers and magazines and for blogs where explained in an innovative way.

Participants writing their own write ups
The participants then wrote short write ups in the afternoon, which were discussed to check the title, style, relevance and attractiveness of the write up. The participants came up with very interesting and challenging write ups.

Rev. Susheel Sumitra of the United Basel Mission Church in Mumbai made all the arrangements for the workshop with permission, guidance and help from Mr. Samson Frank, the President of the UBMC, and his colleagues and lay leaders in the church. The participants of the workshop felt that the workshop was of great interest and even exceeded their own expectations. They were particularly happy that it gave them practical insights on why to write, how to write, what to write and how to get their writings across to their congregation and church and how writing will give them a cutting edge in their ministry. The participants also felt that more such workshops on writing skills should be held in the near future.

The workshop is a new initiative by the Publications Department of the UTC and the Masihi Sevak under its editor Dr. Dexter Maben. The first such workshop was held in UTC, Bangalore after which participants suggested that such workshops could be held all over the country and could be hosted by churches in various regions. The Masihi Sevak is a publication meant for the alumni of UTC and includes articles and write ups by the UTC alumni from all over the world.

Rev. Susheel Sumitra co-ordinated the workshop on behalf of the United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai


Saturday 14 September, 2013

Courses offered for the academic year 2014-15


Prepares candidates for: Pastoral Ministry - Teaching Ministry - Church-related Services


4 years
1 year
6 months
Master of Theology Degree of the Senate of Serampore College in:
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
2 Years

Post-Graduate Research Diploma of the College

1 Year

Research Fellowship (Niles Scholarship)

1 Year
Doctor of Theology Degree of the Senate of Serampore College in:






MISSIOLOGY [subject to approval of the Senate of  Serampore College]

Women’s Studies
Cost of Application form [Plus Rs.50/- Postal Charges]
Rs. 400
Rs. 450
Rs. 500
Rs.  250
Last date of submission

Late fee
Rs. 450
Rs. 550
Rs. 600

Last date with late fee      

Entrance Exam
09-10 Jan, 2014
16-17 Jan, 2014
20-21 Jan, 2014

Application forms are available with the Registrar [may be downloaded from the UTC website].  The duly filled in application should be sent along with the cost of the application form mentioned above as per the time schedule.  Please note that no application will be entertained after the last date mentioned above.

Scholarships:  Limited scholarships are available for needy candidates after the successful completion of their first year for B.D./M.Th. studies.  Two scholarships are reserved every year for WOMEN, and four for candidates coming from North India, in order to encourage theological education in North India.
Kindly address all enquiries to:




FAX: +91-80-23330015  TEL.: (080)-2333 3438, 23330502

lphauhnar@gmail.com   Website: www.utcbangalore.org  

Blog: www.utcbangalore.blogspot.in