Tuesday, 17 September, 2013

Writers Workshop conducted in Mumbai

Some of the participants in the Writers Workshop
The Writers workshop conducted by the United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai and the United Theological College, Bangalore was held yesterday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. in the YMCA International House in Mumbai Central. The one day workshop was inaugurated by the secretary of the UBM Church Council, Mr. Samuel Jayaprakash Bangera and the Joint Treasurer of the UBM Church Council, Mr. Christopher Fredericks. They also greeted and honoured the resource persons. The workshop was attended by thirty pastors of the CNI, Methodist and Basel Mission churches in Mumbai.

Mr. Robert Clements
The workshop started with prayer and meditation which was lead by Rev. Jeyakumar, Associate Professor in the department of New Testament in the UTC, Bangalore. This was followed by a welcome and introduction of the resource persons. Mr. Robert Clements was the chief resource person. He is a very well known journalist in Mumbai and writes a daily column called Bob’s Banter which is published in as many as 30 newspapers and magazines all over the country and in other countries as well. He has an estimated audience of 6 million readers. He was helped by Fr. Jerry Kurian, who teaches Communication in the UTC. The resource persons held sessions on why to write, the spirituality of writing, how to publish one’s writing, writing exercises and current issues in society. The workshop stressed the need to write and encouraged the pastors to write more. Writing for traditional newspapers and magazines and for blogs where explained in an innovative way.

Participants writing their own write ups
The participants then wrote short write ups in the afternoon, which were discussed to check the title, style, relevance and attractiveness of the write up. The participants came up with very interesting and challenging write ups.

Rev. Susheel Sumitra of the United Basel Mission Church in Mumbai made all the arrangements for the workshop with permission, guidance and help from Mr. Samson Frank, the President of the UBMC, and his colleagues and lay leaders in the church. The participants of the workshop felt that the workshop was of great interest and even exceeded their own expectations. They were particularly happy that it gave them practical insights on why to write, how to write, what to write and how to get their writings across to their congregation and church and how writing will give them a cutting edge in their ministry. The participants also felt that more such workshops on writing skills should be held in the near future.

The workshop is a new initiative by the Publications Department of the UTC and the Masihi Sevak under its editor Dr. Dexter Maben. The first such workshop was held in UTC, Bangalore after which participants suggested that such workshops could be held all over the country and could be hosted by churches in various regions. The Masihi Sevak is a publication meant for the alumni of UTC and includes articles and write ups by the UTC alumni from all over the world.

Rev. Susheel Sumitra co-ordinated the workshop on behalf of the United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai


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