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Alumni- Refresher Course 2012

ALUMNI REFRESHER COURSE (23 – 25 October 2012)
Theme: “Lord, Renew the Church: Begin from Me”

The UTC Alumni Refresher Course 2012 took place on 23 – 25 October 2012 at the JRC Hall, UTC. This year 44 of our alumni registered and attended the same. The programme commenced with the alumni participating in the community worship at the Ziegenbalg chapel on 23 October at 08.30 AM, followed by registration at 09.00 AM in the JRC Hall. 
Dr. Dexter, Dr. Mani Chacko and Dr. Sahayadhas

The Alumni Refresher Course was officially inaugurated by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones Muthunayagom, Acting Principal, as the Principal, the Rev. Dr. J. R. John Samuel Raj was away in Korea on an official trip. The theme for the alumni refresher course 2012 was “Lord Renew the Church: Begin from Me”. Under this theme there were ten presentations: three Bible Studies, five lectures, one presentation on indigenous mission by (a group from) the Gypsy community and a group discussion with the aim of evolving a vision statement from the participants for the renewal of the Church for her mission and public witness in India in the 21st century. The details of the sessions are as below:

Bible Study – Rev. Dr. Mani Chacko (Gen Sec. Bible Society of India)
Built on the Foundation of Christ and Nurtured by His Word: Scriptural Resources for the Renewal and Regeneration of the Church for Her Public Witness in India Today 

Rev. J. Jeyakumar (Asst Prof, Biblical Studies – NT, UTC)
Nurtured by the Word of Regeneration: The Continuing Influence of the Word of God in the Renewal of the Church 

Rev. Fr. Jerry Kurian (Lecturer, Communication, UTC)
Empowered by the Spirit of Renewal: People of God as the True Agents of Change

Dr. Lalrinawmi Ralte (Prof, Women’s Studies, UTC)
Metanoia: A Call for Gender Equality for the Renewal and Public Witness of the Church in the 21st Century    

Bible Study II – Rev. Dr. Gnanavaram (Principal, TTS, Arasaradi)
Built on the Foundation of Christ and Nurtured by His Word: Scriptural Resources for the Renewal and Regeneration of the Church for Her Public Witness in India Today 

Rev. Dr. Dexter Maben (Associate Prof, Biblical Studies – OT, UTC)
Towards a Vision Statement for the Renewal and the Reform of the Church (Group Discussion)

Pastor Mordecai
Indigenous Mission among the Indigenous Communities (Gypsies)

Bible Study III – Rev. Dr. R. Sahayadhas (Associate Prof, Theology, UTC)
Self-Understanding of a Christian for the Renewal and Regeneration of the Church for Her Public Witness in India Today

Rev. Dr. Jones Muthunayagom (Prof. Biblical Studies – OT)
Metanoia: A Call for the Renewal of the Minds and the Reform of the Structures of Ecclesia for the Common Good

Mr. George Varghese (Director, YMCA Training School)
Bureaucracy: Has It Become too Burdensome for the Church Today?

Rev. Jacob Frank (PRO, UTC)
Promotional Interaction with the Alumni

In addition to the above sessions, the alumni led the Worship Service in the Chapel on Wednesday, the 24th October in which Rev. Daniel offered the homily. The Cultural wing of the Carey Society organized a brief cultural programme and screened a meaningful movie on 23rd evening. There was a Plenary Session in which the Alumni expressed their constructive proposals for the reconstrual of the Alumni Refresher Course in the years ahead. The Refresher course came to a close at 12.00 noon on the 25th of October 2012 with the prayer by Rev. Dr. Joseph Prabhakar Dayam (Associate Prof of Theology, UTC). It was a joy indeed to have our alumni back in the campus and to interact with them, especially their experiences on field.

Dr. Rini Ralte
Rev. Dr. Gnanavaram

The Annual Refresher Course was followed by the Executive meeting of the Alumni Association and the General Body of the UTC Alumni Association met post lunch on the same day. 

Rev. Jacob Frank, PRO

Herewith, I place on record my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the participants and those who contributed towards the success of the UTC Alumni Refresher Course 2012.

Rev. Dr. R. Sahayadhas
Convener, Alumni Refresher Course 2012 

Rev. Dr. R. Sahayadhas, Convener, Alumni Refresher Course 2012

 (Photo credit: Calvin Sushit Ambler)

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Masihi Sevak

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