Thursday, 31 October, 2013

UTC video

The link of the video on UTC produced by the Communication department for the WCC assemby in Busan, Republic of Korea is available at the link  The video brings in views by various students of the college by looking at services on offer and various activities of the college.

Tuesday, 22 October, 2013

UTC alumni refresher

Dr. Nalini Arles, Co-ordinator

The UTC alumni refresher course started today morning with participants attending from all over the country. The alumni who arrived in the morning are attending the various sessions prepared for them. The campus is happy to see old faces and the students and staff are refreshing memories with the alumni.

Reflections on Theological Education

Indian Classical Dance

Sunday, 20 October, 2013

UTC Alumni Refresher Course programme 2013


Theme: Theological Education and the Church

22nd October, 2013 (Tuesday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship at Ziegenbalg Chapel

9:00-9:15                                 - Inaugural  -    UTC Principal

9:20-10:30                               - Theological Education and the Church in India-  Key Note Address by Dr. K.C. Abraham

10:30-10:45                             - Coffee Break

10:45-11:30                             -  Bible, Context and the Interpretation: Re-reading
  Psalm 22   with Dalit Communities in India- Rev. Dr. K. Jesurathnam

11:30-1:00                               - A Case Study“Can a Church be an NGO ?”

1:00-2:00                                 -  Lunch

2:00-3:00                                 -Laity’s Expectations of the ministry of  the Church - Mrs.Balasundram    and Dr. Charles
-  Laity’s interest in Theological Education -   Rajesh
- Reflections on  Theological Education  -  Alumni.   Rev. Jerry Anderson,   Dr. Ezekiel S. Kumar, Rev. P. Deenan Inbarasu  and  Father Jacob Joseph

3:00-4:20                                   - Transition of Ethics in Church and Academy – Dr. Allan S. Palanna

23rd  October, 2013 (Wednesday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship with the UTC Community at Tagore hall - Worship conducted  by Alumni

9:10-10:10                               - Issues Confronting the Theological Education and the Church” – Reflections of Bishop Sampath Kumar

10:15-11:15                             - Health – Experiential Session with - Mr. Datta

11:15-11:30                             - Coffee Break

11:30-12:30                - The impact of Mental illness on the Indian Population in India: Challenges to the Church -  Medico Pastoral Association

12:30-1:00                           - Review of  New books from the Church and Synod- Rev. Vinod Victor
                                                   and Fr. Kurian Mathew   

1:00-2:00                             - Lunch with UTC Community at Charles Ranson Hall

2:00-4:00                   -Alumni sharing their Experiences Especially Pastoral Problems Confronted by them - Faculty with Senior Students – Doctoral, M.Th II (Counselling) and BD IV (Pastoral Administration) will  attend  the session

4:30-5:30                                 - Faculty Research Seminar at Tagore Hall  -  Dr. David Joy

24th October, 2013 (Thursday)

8:30 -9:00                                - Worship Service at Ziegenbalg Chapel

9:10-10:00                               - Theological Education, Church and Society – Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones     Muthunayagom

10:00-11:00                             - Justice Mission Work Among  Children: Challenges to the Church

11:00-11:15                             - Coffee Break

11:30-12:00                             - Presentation of the Construction Project  -  Mr. George Varghese

12:00-1:00                               - Closing Worship and Communion – Rev. N.B  Gladstone Robert and Dr. Nalini Arles.