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Dr. Rini Ralte

Dr. Rini Ralte hails from Mizoram and she belongs to the Presbyterian Church of India, Mizoram Synod. Dr. Ralte is an activist theologian who is deeply committed for the cause of women. She is actively engaged in social, political and religious issues particularly related to the poor and women. She states that "my commitment to my work is beyond 24 hours" and she is ever ready for any assistance in relation to the life of children and women. She is professor and chairperson of the Women's Studies Department in the United Theological College, Bangalore.

2004                Doctor of Theology (D.Th) in the area of Theology from the Senate of Serampore College (University).  My Dissertation was on The Contributions to the Ecofeminist Debate in Theology From A Tribal Woman’s Perspective.

1993                Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) from the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Boston, USA.  Dissertation was on Crab Theology: A Feminist Critique of Cultural Degradation and Empowerment of Mizo Women

1989                Master of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) from the Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  My Dissertation was on A Manual for Discovering the History, Spirituality and Theology of Women as a Liberating Force For Christian Churches in Mizoram.

1985                Bachelor of Theology (BD) from the United Theological College, Bangalore

1980                BA from Aizawl College, Aizawl, Mizoram.


B.D. level

Since 1995 June, I taught 3 courses on Women’s Studies to the B.D. Level, such as
WS1  Introduction of Feminist Theology
WS2  Feminist Hermeneutics
WS3  Women in Religion and Society

M.Th level

WS2    Feminist Methodology and Biblical Hermeneutics
WS4    Women in Religious Traditions
WS5    Women in Church’s History and Ministry (Senate)
WS7    Women in Contemporary Society: Patriarchies, Caste and Class in Indian Society
WS8    Women, Economy and Ecology: Poverty and Development

Thesis - I had supervised 3 M.Th thesis.

2004                Waging Peace: Building a World in which Life Matters.
Festschrift to Honour Gabriele Dietrich, Ed. Lalrinawmi Ralte and
Stella Faria, New Delhi: IWIT/ISPCK.

2002                Feminist Hermeneutics: On the Occasion of Silver Jubilee of the
Ordination of Women in the Church of South India (CSI), Ed.
Lalrinawmi Ralte and Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar,
New Delhi: IWIT/ISPCK.

1998                Women Re-Shaping Theology: Introducing Women’s Studies in the
Theological Education in India, Ed. Lalrinawmi Ralte, New Delhi:
UTC/ISPCK, 1998.

1998               Envisioning a New Heaven and a New Earth, Ed. Lalrinawmi Ralte, et.al.,New Delhi: NCCI/AICCW, 1998.


2008                “A Feminist Critique of Land Holding Patterns in Mizoram,” in Theologizing Tribal Heritage: A Critical Re-Look, Ed. Hrangthan Chhungi, CWM/ISET-ECC/PCI/ISPCK, 2008, 222-245.

2006                “Tribal Eco-Feminist Spirituality” in Breaking Silence: Theology for
 Asian Women, Ed. Chung Meehyun, New Delhi: EATWOT/ISPCK,

2006                Contributions of Vandana Shiva to Ecofeminism in India: A Tribal
                        Woman’s Response, Bangalore Theological Forum, Vol. XXXVIII,
                        No. 2, Dec. 2006.

2006                “The Reign of God on Earth” at the All India Sunday School Association,

2005                “A Feminist Critique of Language” at The God of All Grace: Essays in
Honour of Origen Vasantha Jathanna, Edited by Joseph George,
Bangalore: UTC/ATC.

2002                “Cultural Hermeneutics” in Feminist Hermeneutics, Edited by
Lalrinawmi Ralte and Evangeline Anderson-Rajkumar, New Delhi:

2002                “A Feminine Aspect of the Mizo Traditional Religion”  in Review of
Asian and Pacific Studies, No. 24, 2002, pp. 117-126, (Tokyo).

2000                “Dance Theology”, in In God’s Image, Vol. 19.4, 2000, Kualalumpur:
Asian Women Resource Centre,  p. 35-38

2000                “Handful of Rice: Metaphor for Mizo Women’s Power” in In God’s
Image, Vol. 19.4, Kualalumpur: Asian Women Resource Centre, 2000.

1999                “Patriarchy and Christianity in the Mizo Church: A Feminist Perspectives”  Bangalore Theological Forum, Bangalore: The United Theological College,  Vol. XXXI, No. 1, 1999, p. 117-133.

1998                “Women’s Studies at UTC: Our Experience”  in Women Re-Shaping
Theology, New Delhi: UTC/ISPCK.

1998                “Discipleship of Equals” in Envisioning a New Heaven and a New Earth,
New Delhi: AICCW/NCCI.

1998                “Woman Oppressing Woman: Caste, Class, Race and Sex” in Envisioning
a New Heaven and a New Earth, Ed. Lalrinawmi Ralte et.al., New Delhi:

1994                Critique of Patriarchal Interpretation that reinforces the cultural
degradation of women, Bangalore Theological Forum.

Books published in Mizo

1994    Mizo Nula Huaisen Martarte (Mizo Young Women Martyrs), p. 119.
1997    Mi Hrat Khawkheng H.T. Sangliana, Series No. 1, p. 74.
1998    Mi Hrat Khawkheng H.T. Sangliana, Series No. 2, p. 69.
1999    Mi Hrat Khawkheng H.T. Sangliana, Series No. 3, p. 64.
2001    Hmatiang Sawnin, p. 410.
2004    Bible Women-te Nghilhlohnan (In Memory of Bible Women), p. 104.
2009    Upa Chalhnuna: Mizo Nun leh Kohhran,  410 page.
2010    Kawl Eng (Festschrift to honour R.L.Hnuni), 218 pages.


1)  EATWOT  (Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians)
2)  CATS (Congress of Asian Theologians)
            3)  ATTWI (Association of Theologically Trained Women in India)
4) Member, Asian Movement of Christian Unity (AMCU  III). 


1985-87           General Secretary of Mizoram YWCA.
1990-92           Coordinator of Asian and Asian American Women doing Theology and
Ministry (AAAWTM), in the United States.
1996-               Secretary, WINA (Women’s Institute for New Awakening), Bangalore.
1996-               Coordinator, UDAYAKIRAN,  Women Theologizing Group of Bangalore.
1995-               Coordinator, Women of the Seven Sisters of Northeast India
2002-               Coordinator, Indian Women in Theology (IWIT)
2002-8             Editorial Advisory Committee of  “In God’s Image” published by Asian Women Resource Centre, Malaysia.


Hobby in Sports - Badminton, Table tennis

She can be contaced by phone on  23537464/ Mob: 9449819757  and by e mail at riniralte2@gmail.com

Prepared by Raja Baktha Singh, BD III

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Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed by the commitment of Dr. Ralte. As far as the tribal woman-oriented theology is concerned it reminds me a little bit to the indigenous, ecofeminist theological approaches of bolivian women.
God Bless!
Esther Gisler Fischer, pastor of the reformed church of Zurich, Switzerland.