Monday, 15 August, 2016

Statement from the college to the press and public

August 14, 2016
This refers to the publication in the press and media with regard to a programme on broken families of Kashmir organized by Amnesty International in the premises of the United Theological College in the evening of 13th August 2016.

The administration of the United Theological College, hereby wish to clarify that the UTC is not at all responsible and in no way connected with either the issue or the sponsors of the programme; except for renting out the premises for rent. There was no participation on the part of the students or the teaching fraternity of the UTC in this private programme.

We hereby also affirm that the 106 year old UTC had never been and shall never be a party to issues that would go against the interests and the integrity of the nation and the sentiments of the people. The UTC always stood for secular values of our nation in true letter and spirit. The UTC is cooperating with the police officers of the JC Nagar Police Station and deeply appreciates their presence in maintaining law and order around the vicinity.

The UTC hereby requests you to kindly make known our stand to the public and oblige in the best interest of all concerned.

J.R. John Samuel Raj
United Theological College, Bengaluru.

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