Wednesday, 9 July, 2014

Church exposure visit to St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral

On the 6th of July 2014, Sunday, the class of BD 1 consisting of 27 students and Sr. Dr. Mary Shruti Joseph, SND visited the St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, a Catholic church, in Cleveland Town, St. John's Church Road, Bangalore.  The church was built in 1842. Fr. Joseph Abraham solemnised the mass and he welcomed the group of believers by using the phrase, “Welcome to the Cathedral on The Most Beautiful Day.” The sprinkling of holy water on the heads of the believers (reminding us of our baptism) was a new experience to many of us. The sermon was based on Matt. 11:28-30. Father reminded us in his sermon that Jesus in this passage refers his yoke to the yoke of love. He also said that Jesus is asking us to cast all our modern day burdens on to Jesus and He will sustain us. Burdens are always a part and parcel of our life. Jesus always said COME TO ME! After the sermon the believers were administered mass. Overall, the mass was truly a ‘Beautiful’ experience in a very ‘Beautiful’ church. 

 Joel George Philip, BD I

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