Friday, 15 February, 2013

UTC goes ethnic

As part of the College Day celebrations a competition was held yesterday at the Charles Ranson hall to show case the different ethnic wear and culture which is the speciality of UTC. Students from different parts of the country walked the stage and enthralled the audience by their clothes and graceful movements.

The class wise competition was judged by a three member panel from the college and drew rich appreciation from those present. The teams and organizers made sure that this was an event which involved the spectators as well.

BD III and BD II shared the first place and MTh I and BD I shared the second place. The variety on offer and the creativity of the students made it very difficult for the judges to come to a decision.

Dr. Nalini Arles summing up the performance. She was supported in judging my Ms. Arpana and Fr. Jerry

Dr. Allan, the Vice President of the Carey Society and his wife Ms. Arpana

Boqhito shaking a leg
Dr. Rini on the right is the faculty advisor for the College Day
The night also witnessed some walking and dancing from the faculty members present and this coupled with the brilliant performance of the students made it an unforgetable evening.

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