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Rev. J. Jeyakumar

The Rev. J. Jeyakumar
The Rev. J. Jeyakumar is assistant professor in the department of Biblical Studies, New Testament. With his specific ministerial and theological openness, he has challenged the student community. He is a person with deep Christian commitment and openness. 

Theological Education Ministry
After his Post Graduation in Theology, he taught in South India Biblical Seminary for one year. Since 1993 he is teaching at the United Theological College. From 1993-1996 he worked as a part-time faculty and in 1996 he became a full-time faculty. He is engaging himself in teaching the basics of New Testament Courses and Greek Grammar to the Bachelor of Divinity students. He serves as the Secretary of the United Theological College Society. During his sabbatical leave, he involved in Laity Theological Education which is an interest for him from the very beginning of his pastoral ministry.

Pastoral Ministry 

Rev. J. Jeyakumar is an ordained minister of the Methodist Church in India. He served as a pastor in Mumbai in the Tamil Methodist Congregation for five years and engaged himself in slum ministry. He organized and encouraged an inter-faith dialogue with Muslim friends. In Bangalore he is usually invited to preach in CSI and Methodist congregations. He actively involves in the outreach work of the East Parade Tamil Church and helps the church planting ministry in Kammanahally. He is also invited to conduct retreats for pastors of CSI Karnataka Central Diocese in the City Area, Evangelists of CSI Madras Diocese and pastors of CSI Kanyakumari Diocese.

Bible Translation Ministry

He was invited by the Bible Society of India to help the ecumenical Bible Translation in Tamil language and served as a co coordinator with a Roman Catholic Biblical Scholar. As a translation committee advisor he conducted workshops on translation and trained many for Bible translation. He checked the Bible translation in many tribal languages for the faithfulness of translation. He took initiative for the Kashmiri common language Bible translation.

His Family’s Contribution to Ministry
Rev. Jeyakumar and his family are committed to Mission and Evangelism. His wife is the daughter of  Rev. Dr. Yoke Fellow Elias, the founder missionary of the Diocesan Missionary Prayer Band of CSI Kanyakumari Diocese. She completed her Bachelor of Divinity and actively involves in Mission and Evangelism activities. Rev. Jeyakumar is blessed with two daughters and the elder daughter married a missionary and both of them are doing mission work. His younger daughter continues her studies and she involves herself in children ministry. As a family they are involving in various mission activities.

His Recent Contributions

Recently he presented a paper on “The Impact of the Bible Translation on Indian Languages and Literatures”, organized by Department of Comparative Literature, Central University of Kerala.
This year in the UTC, Alumni meeting he presented a paper on the “Use of Bible in the Renewal of the Church”.

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