Friday, 1 March, 2013

Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones Muthunayagom

Rev. Dr. Daniel Jones Muthunayagom is currently working as professor in the department of Old Testament at the United Theological College, Bangalore. He is a well-known scholar in the field of Old Testament. Last year he celebrated his Shashtipoorthi (60th birthday) along with the UTC family, SBSI, ACTS Academy etc. He is interested in learning languages and reading latest books. He is well versed in 15 languages (six Indian, nine foreign and the vocabulary of Dutch, Urdu, and Arabic etc).
His wife Anitha Jasmin is working with TAFTEE. He has two sons and one daughter. Daphney Joann, his daughter, is married and is working as assistant professor in an engineering college at Vellore. His elder son Daniel Wesley is presently working as system analyst in National Computer Science at Singapore and his younger son Ajay P. Alfred is studying in the second year of Pre University College (PUC). 

Engagements for the past academic Year (2012-13)
1.      In May 2012 he conducted a methodology seminar for the DTh students at Senate of Serampore College and presented a paper on “Methodological Issues in Interpretation of Old testament”.
2.      He presented a paper in the month of August 2012 at the Annual General body Meeting of UTC (AGM), entitled “God of Life Lead us into Justice and Peace”
3.      In the month of December 2012 he attended the silver jubilee meeting of Society for Biblical Studies in India and presented a paper on “The Contributions of Society for Biblical Studies in India for Biblical Interpretation”
4.      In February 2013, he attended the conference of spirituality for socio-economic development organized by Andhra University in collaboration with ACTS Academy of Higher Education at Bangalore and presented a paper on “Christian Spirituality for socio-economic development with special reference to Jesus’s spirituality”
5.      He was actively involved in the Revision of Biblical Translation of the recently published Tamil Bible (Thiruvilyam), which was a joint venture of the Bible Society and Tamil Nadu Biblical Liturgical and Categetical Committee (TNBLC).
6.      He is working as the convener of the board of Old Testament Studies at Senate of Serampore.
7.      He is associated with BITS Inter Collegiate Seminar and attended the Annual Steering Committee Meeting which was held during the month of January and February.
8.      He is also associated with TAFTEE and is involved in the translation of  English to Tamil and evaluating the course materials of the students in the various parts of Tamil Nadu.
9.      He also has a great role in the doctoral programmes of Christian studies of the Andhra University, St. Peter’s Pontifical institute Bangalore and PhD of the Kamaraj University.

Message for the future
He proudly believes that “A pastor should be connected to church ministry following the ideas and teachings of Jesus Christ earnestly and sharing solidarity with the vulnerable among our communities.”

He can be contacted on his mobile 9632601579 and by e mail at

Prepared by Mr. Ajindas D.N., BD III

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