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Rev. Dr. Allan Samuel Palanna

Rev. Dr. Allan Samuel Palanna with his wife Arpana and their son Advik

His Profile:
The Rev. Dr. Allan Samuel Palanna, B. D., Th. D.,
He did his Bachelor of Divinity from the United Theological College, Bangalore
He is an ordained minister of God. He was ordained on 16th October, 2005 by His Excellency The Rt. Rev. Devaraj Bangera, Bishop of Karnataka Southern Diocese.
He has received his Doctoral Degree from University of Kent, Canterbury
He joined UTC on 1st May 2011 and teaching in the Department of Theology and Ethics
His Family:
Dr. Allan is married to Arpana working as a teacher in St. John’s High School, Bangalore. And they have a son called Advik Palanna studying in Bishop Cotton’s Boys School, Bangalore.
Encouraging Verse for Ministry:
I Timothy 1:12: “I am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because he judged me faithful and appointed me to his service.”
Position in UTC and Additional Responsibilities:
            Dr. Allan is a lecturer in the department of Theology and Ethics. Along with that he is the Worship Convener and the Faculty Vice-President in the Carey Society for the academic year 2012 – ’13. 
Achievements in Recent Past: 2012-2013 Publications
 ‘The Nadir of Vulnerability at the Margins: Persons with Mental Illness and Representational Discourses in the Synoptic Healing Stories.’ In Jospeh Prabhakar Dayam and P. Mohan Larbeer (ed.) Margins in Conversation: Methodological Discourses in Theological Disciplines. Bangalore: BTESSC, 2012.

‘Zest for Life: Youth and the Church.’ In T. I. James (ed.) Companion to Confirmation. Chennai: CSI Synod/ISPCK , 2012.
‘Choices and Consequences.’ In T. I. James (ed.) Companion to Confirmation. Chennai: CSI Synod/ISPCK , 2012.
‘Response to “Zionism”: The Politico-Racist Hurdle to World Peace.’ In Viji Varghese Eapen (ed.) Hindutva, Zionism and Cultural Nationalism. Chennai: CSI, 2012.
‘Paul Tillich’s Tryst with Psychology: Implications for the Continuing Conversations between Science and Theology’. Bangalore Theological Forum. XLIV/1 (June 2012): 55-65.
‘I Believe, Help my Unbelief’: Delineating (Mental) Health Care and Faith-Based Engagement’ in Kondasingu Jesurathnam, Abraham Saggu and Hrangthan Chhunghi (ed.) Liberation Hermeneutics in the Indian Interpretation of the Bible. Bangalore and Tiruvalla: SBSI and CSS, 2012.
 ‘Being Wed to Ashes,’ CSI Life, XII/2 (Feb 2013): pp, 7-8.
Engagements in 2012-2013
‘Ecumenism, Ecology and Economics’. Presentation in Institute on Ecumenism, Organized by CSI Synod and ECC, Bangalore. 30th July-3rd August, 2012.
Speaker, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College and YWCA. Youth Gathering, 30th August, 2012.
Presenter, SCMI, Bangalore.  Bible Study Workshop, 6th-7th September, 2012.
Resource Person, BTESSC/CSI Synod. Climate Justice Bible Study Workshop, 20th-22nd September, 2012.
‘Theological response to Waste Management’, Paper presentation at National Workshop on, Waste Management in India: Options and Opportunities, 25th-27th September, 2012, ECC, Whitefield Bangalore.

‘Past Imperfect’: Responses to Gender Issues in the Early Church’, Paper presentation at National Workshop on, Gender Issues: Challenges of Change, Faith and Development, 8th-10th October, 2012, ECC, Whitefield Bangalore.

Life Together in Faith: Unity and Mission-A Reflection,’ Paper presentation at Centenary Ecumenical Responses on “God of life, lead us to justice and peace” Nov. 1st -3rd, 2012, Students Christian Movement of India, Bangalore.

Environmental Justice: Ecological problems, importance of Conservation’, Paper presentation at Institute on Ecumenism: Participating in God’s Holistic Mission of Reconciling the Whole World, Jointly organized by CCA, NCCI and ECC, ECC Whitfield, 19th Nov-1st Dec, 2012
‘Urbanization and concerns of Migrant Workers in India: A Theological Reflection’, Paper presentation at National workshop on Urbanization and concerns of Migrant Workers in India, 5th December, 2012, ECC, Whitefield Bangalore.

‘Climate Change and Health Issues’, Presentation at the National Seminar on Climate Justice, Organized by CSI and BTESSC, 25th-27th January, 2013, CSI Synod, Chennai.

‘Managerial Ethics’, Presentation at the Conference on Management and Indian Ethos, Organized by TMA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), 8th February, 2013, Manipal.

‘Health Justice and Christian Ethics’, Presentation at the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Chennai, 22nd February, 2013.

Memorable Events/Moments:
Serving rural parishes in Mandya district, Karnataka.

Message to the UTC, Youngsters, Upcoming Pastors and Nation:
“The One who has called us is faithful” and therefore let us also be faithful in whatever work we are assigned to do, be it studying or teaching.

Phone: 8553616309

Prepared by Raja Samuel, BD III

Raja Samuel, BD III

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