Sunday, 17 March, 2013

Rev. Dr. Santosh S. Kumar

Rev. Dr. S. Santhosh Kumar is a Presbyter of the Church of South India and Professor of Liturgy and Music in the Department of Christian Ministry in the United Theological College. He did his M Th in Liturgy and Music from the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music, Manila and Doctor of Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia. 

He published two books last year 
1.  Modes of Indian Classical Music for the Moods of Christian Worship, exploring the Raga-Rasa Theory of Indian Classical Music” (March 2012)
2.  A Guide to Inclusive Language” (June 2012)
He presented three papers in ECC. They are
1.      Christian worship and wider ecumenism.
2.      Towards the development  of an inclusive Eucharistic liturgy of Church of South India.
3.      Liturgy and Music as tools of peace and reconciliation in a religiously pluralistic context.                         

Classes in UTC in 2012:
1.      Introduction to worship and Liturgy – BD II
2.      Introduction to Christian education – BD II
3.      Liturgical text and Musical Composition – BD III
4.      Christian Education and Social Changes – BD IV
5.      Basic Musicianship – BD IV
6.      Leadership and Pastoral Administration – BD IV
7.      Institution of Christian engage – MTh II
8.      Outline of Christian worship – MTh II
9.      ID- 1, MTh ID coordinator   

Music Class:
             He takes music classes for those college students interested in classical music. This is on every Tuesday and Thursday 4.15-6.30 pm. 

Upcoming Projects
-    His next book is almost finished and it will be published most probably in April. The title of the book is “Towards developing in-culturated liturgies for the Churches in India.”
He has an invitation from Melbourne College of Divinity where he has studied, to do a research on “Christian Worship: A Channel of Religious Harmony and Peace.
   He has a plan to write a book on the topic of “History of Christian worship.” This book is for BD students and BTESSC has agreed to publish the work.
-   He has a paper presentation at Weusburg Germany on September 2013 on the topic “Societias Liturgica” 

Prepared by Sibin Paul, BD III

Mr. Sibin Paul, BD III

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Vinod Victor said...

Cherished his classes and I admire him as a person