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Rev. Dr. K. Jesurathnam

Rev. Dr. K. Jesurathnam

        Dr. Jesurathnam is a professor in the Biblical Studies Department (Old Testament). He Joined the United Theological College (UTC) in the year 1994, June and then completed his Ph.D in the University of Edinburgh, U.K.
        His hobbies have transitioned from playing cricket, football and listening to music to having a daily walk and reading regularly.
If not a Lecturer…:
        He would’ve become a Doctor or got into any medical profession.
A description of the United Theological College in one sentence:
        … UTC is a place of opportunities and resources and one can only benefit from that if one makes appropriate use of it.
His views on the status of Theological Education and Colleges in India:
        According to Dr. Jesurathnam, there seems to be a steep decline in the academia in comparison to the 90’s and the standard of education (theological) is declining.
Advice to the young and aspiring Theologians:
        To be open-minded and be more receptive; never to take the easy way out as success comes only from hard work.
His vision for the Dalits:
        As a theologian in the making, he was introduced to Dalit Hermeneutics. Ever since, he has been attempting to interpret the Bible (particularly the Old Testament) and relate it to the Dalits. His aim is to make people understand that the Bible can be seen as a tool to help Dalits and bring about Dalit liberation and emancipation. But until then, he will continue to write and emerge with relevant texts (from the Old Testament) for the same.  
His publications and outside engagements (in the last eight months):
·         “Daniel’s experience of God and his encounter with the Persian Empire”
·         “Sabbatical Year and Jubilee Year as Eco-justice principles for human and non-human liberation”
·         “Dalit Christian Biblical Hermeneutical Stance through Job and Jeremiah and its sensibility in the current theological debate”
Outside Engagements:
·         Executive Committee member of Society of Asian Biblical Studies (SABS)
·         Executive Committee member of the Society for Biblical Studies in India (SIBS)
·         Regular preacher at the local Telugu Baptist Churches in Bangalore
·         Taught B.D Old Testament courses at the Calvin Institute of Theology, Yacharam, Hyderabad between February 4-8, 2013
·         Participated in the National Seminar on Spirituality for Socio-economic Development sponsored by and held at Academy of Higher Education (ACTS)
Forthcoming Works:
·         “Am I My Brother’s Keeper? : Corruption from an Old Testament Perspective.”
·         “Dalit Concerns of the Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS), Bangalore.”
·         Global Perspectives on the Bible: The Book of Ecclesiastes.”
Phone: 91-9900144752 
E mail: jesu.rathnam@gmail.com

Prepared by Mr. Arvind Theodore, BD III

Arvind Theodore, BD III

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