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Mr. George Varghese

Mr. George Varghese, YMCA director

Mr. George Varghese was born in Chirayarambu,Maramon, Kerala. At present he is serving as the Director of the YMCA Training Department in the United Theological College and as faculty for the theological students. His family includes his wife Susan Varghese and two sons Subin and Reuben.

Mr. George is a graduate from St.Thomas College,Kozhencherry. He has a post-graduate degree from the University of Madras in Physical Fitness, Exercise Rehabillitation and Nutrition therapy and a P G Diploma in Management from the University of London.
He started his career as a training secretary in Thrissur and later served as Secretary in Salur(Andhra Pradesh), Quilon(Kerala), Hyderabad, Assistant Administrative Officer in YMCA Physical Training College, Chennai, Project Co-ordinator at the Gandhidham Earthquake Rehabilitation Project,Gujarat, Regional Secretary of the Central India Region in Nagpur, and Assistant General Secretary in Indian Students Hostel, London. From 2008 he is serving as the Director of the YMCA Training Department in the United Theological College, Bangalore.

His engagements in the past few years
Lead sessions in the Training Programme For YMCA leaders in Kohima, Nagland.
Presented a paper on ‘Leadership’ in the Christian Leadership Programme with Leadership matters,Bangalore.
Attended the training programme on Resource Mobilisation at Pune with the Asia-Pacific Alliance of YMCA`s.
Lead sessions in the Training Programme for Honorary YMCA Secreataries at Vishakapatnam, Pune & Alwaye.
Took class on motivation for Sunday School Teachers at Queen`s Road Jacobite Church.
Preached at the St.Thomas Centre, Bangalore and at Chirayarambu Immanuel Mar Thoma Church on Good Friday.

Working with Young People: A New Perspective in the Youth of India (National newsletter of YMCA) June-Septmber 2012. 
YMCA Membership: A Call to Participate in God`s Mission in Youth of India (June 2011).
He says that YMCA is one of the important organizations where we mould future secretaries with right skills and technologies. The National YMCA needs to concentrate more on understanding the mission of YMCA which may lead the members and leaders to involve YMCA with right perspective and understanding.

Church & YMCA
YMCA is a good platform where all can come together and involve in society for making a change. Theological education is needed for YMCA secretaries. It gives the right Christian perspective for YMCA secretaries to involve in society with Christian values & principles.

United Theological College is a fantastic theological institution with more than a century of historical importance and existence and has moulded 1000`s of church leaders with an ecumenical outlook.The existence of YMCA training department at UTC is of great importance for both YMCA and UTC. The training in UTC introduces the YMCA secretaries to an ecumenical world which gives secretaries a proper outlook for their work.

Mr. George Varghese's wife Susan Varghese works as creche in charge in Raman Research Institute in Bangalore. His elder son Subin George Varghese works as System Analyst and  younger son Reuben Mathew Varghese is a 1st year degree student.

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Prepared by Mr. Vinod Babu, BD III

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