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Rev. Dr. John Samuel Raj

Rev. Dr. John Samuel Raj, Principal

(Professor of Old Testament & Principal of
The United Theological College, Bangalore
63, Miller’s Road, Benson Town, Bangalore – 560 046)

MOTHER TONGUE                      Malayalam
LANGUAGES SPOKEN                Malayalam, Tamil, English, German
CHURCH AFFILIATION              Church of South India


2001    -           Dr. Theol., University of Hamburg, Germany.

1997    -           (June 23-27) Participated in the Second European Ecumenical
Assembly in Graz, Austria and visited Churches in the Republic of Slovakia as part of a three member delegation of the W.C.C.

1995    -           (July 22 – August 15) Participated in the Educational Seminar held
in New Orleans and Atlanta, U.S.A. organized by the Missionsakademie of the University of Hamburg.

1993    -           (April 20 – May 20) Participated in the Educational Seminar in the
Holy Land.

1989    -           M.Th. (Old Testament), The United Theological College, Bangalore.

1983    -           B.D., The United Theological College, Bangalore.

1978    -           M.A. (English Language and Literature), Mar Ivanios College,
Trivandrum (University of Kerala).

1976    -           B.A. (English Language and Literature), V.T.M.N.S.S. College,
Dhanuvachapuram (University of Kerala).


1.                  Highfield Greek Testament Prize for Preliminary Greek – First Prize.
2.                  Meyer’s Prize for Preliminary Hebrew – First Prize.

3.                  Stainton Morris New Testament Greek Prize for B.D. I & II Greek Subjects – First Prize.

4.                  Stainton Morris New Testament Greek Prize for the Optional Courses – First Prize.

5.                  J. S. Bookless Memorial Prize for B.D. I, II & III Hebrew – First Prize.

6.                  Bible Society Prize for Biblical Subjects – First Prize.

7.                  Mrs. Asha Hivaulay Prize for History of Christianity – First Prize.

8.                  Rev. J. P. Ambalavanar Prize for History of Religions – Second Prize.


2009 – Present           Principal of the United Theological College, Bangalore.

2007 – 2009                Dean of Doctoral Studies, The United Theological College, Bangalore.

2007 – 2009                Member of the Research Committee of the Senate of Serampore College.

2006 – Present           Professor of Biblical Studies (Old Testament), The United Theological College, Bangalore.

2000 – 2006                Associate Professor of Biblical Studies (Old Testament), The United Theological College, Bangalore.

2001 – 2006                Chairperson of the Department of Biblical Studies, Convener of the Worship Committee of the College, Coordinator of the Academic Guidance Programme for the rural and marginalized candidates, Coordinator of the CWM Face to Face Programme, Coordinator of the International Exposure Programme for theological students from the LTSP, USA.

2006 (April – August) Research Scholar at the University of Heidelberg: Paper Presenter & Participant in the Kontaktstudium of the Protestant Church in Baden-W├╝rttemberg; Guest Lecture for Old Testament at the Missionsseminar, ELM, Hermannsburg, Germany.

2006 (September – December) Visiting Professor at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Cairo (ETSC), Egypt (taught two courses for the Master of Theology students).

2007 (January – May) Visiting Professor at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, U.S.A. (taught the M.Div. students).

2004 – 2005                Represented U.T.C. in the Governing Council of the CISRS.

2005 – 2008                Represented U.T.C. in the Annual General Meeting of the Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore.

2007 – 2008                Executive Committee Member of the Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore.

1997 – 1998                Member of the Board of Trustees (Kuratorium) of the Academy of Mission, University of Hamburg, Germany.

1997 – 2000                Honorary Associate Priest of St. Thomas a Becket, the Anglican Chaplaincy in Hamburg, Germany.

1991 – 1994                Lecturer (Old Testament), The Kerala United Theological Seminary, Kannammoola, Trivandrum, Kerala.

1991 – 1994                Director, Laity Institute for Theology, South Kerala Diocese.

1991 – 1992                Presbyter-in-charge of the Holy Trinity C.S.I. Church, Thirumala, Trivandrum.

1989 – 1991                Presbyter-in-charge of the C.S.I. Christ Church Punalur & Council Chairman of the C.S.I. Churches in the Punalur District, South Kerala Diocese.

1985 – 1987                Presbyter-in-charge of the C.S.I. Vattappara & Council Secretary of the C.S.I. Churches in the Maruthoor District, South Kerala Diocese.

1983 – 1985                Post B.D. Probationer / Presbyer-in-charge, C.S.I. Kuttaninnathil.

1978 – 1979                Probationer in the C.S.I. Kodithooky and C.S.I. Paraniyam & Honorary Secretary of the Bible Society of India, Kanjirankulam Branch.


Approximately 20 B.D. Theses related to different theological disciplines.


“Daughter of Zion in the Book of Isaiah: An Indian Womanist Reading.” Vasantha Baby, 2002.

“The Understanding of Human Rights in Deuteronomy Chapter 14 – 28,” Lalfakzuala, 2002 (Published by I.S.P.C.K. in 2004).

“Understanding of God Through the Self Presentation Formula ANOKI YHWH in Deutero-Isaiah and Its Implications in the Pluralistic Context,” P. Jeya Selvan, 2002.

“In Search of the Hidden Identity of Women: A Re-reading of the Book of Esther,” Atula Ao, 2003.

“A Comparative Study of the Covenant and the Mizo THURO CHHIAH with Special Reference to Exodus Chapters 19 – 23,” C. Vanlaldika, 2003.

“The Assimilation of Ancient West Asian Religio-cultural Elements in the ‘Religion of the Ancestors’ and its Relevance to the Indian Context,” Beno A. Enose, 2004.

“The Nexus between Suffering and Sin in the Individual Psalms of Lament,”
Tekayaba, 2004.

“Theological Motifs in the Occurences of Names of God in Exodus 1-6 with Special Reference to Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh,” Katam Reshma Paul Wellington, 2005.

“The Impact of the Exodus Paradigm in the History of Israel,” Sam George, 2009 (SAIACS)


‘Theology of Hope in Deutero-Isaiah: A Quest for a New Identity of the People of God,” Rev. Pray S. James Vethamuthu (successfully completed and degree awarded in 2009).

“The Ideation of Power in the Book of Hosea with Particular Reference to AHB: A Post-colonial Reading,” Rev. Praveen Paul (successfully completed and degree awarded in 2009).


“The Worldview of the Yahweh Speeches in the Book of Job, “Rev. Prakash K. George, 2008.

“Exile and Theology of Creation: A Socio-Historical Study of the Creation Motif in Isaiah 40-55,” Rev. P. Rajendra Babu, 2008.

Served as Examiner in the Doctoral Supervisory Committee of Dharmaram College, Bangalore in 2002.



The Theological Concept of the Hebrew Term Hesed in the Psalter, Verlag an der Lottbek, Aachen, Germany, 2001 (289 pages).

The “Anointed Ones” in the Qumran Literature, ISPCK, 2004 (112 pages).


Creation and Dominion: Reweaving the Planet in Jeopardy, in: Light on Our Dusty Path: Essays for a Bible Lover (Dhyanchand Carr), ed. Israel Salvanayagam, BTESSC/SATHRI, 2008

Contributed sixty-five articles to the VEDAPUSTAKA NIKHANDU (One Volume Bible Dictionary in Malayalam), 2001-2005 (Letter from the Chief Editor attached).

Yahweh’s Earth Our Abode: Towards Making Peace with the Creation, in: Shepherd of a Pilgrim People. Essays in Honour of Bishop J.W. Gladstone, ed. Gideon Sobhanam & Vinod Victor, ISPCK, 2005.

Cosmic Judge or Overseer of the World Order? The Role of Yahweh as Portrayed in Psalm 7, BTF XXXIV, 2002, No. 2.

The Friends and Enemies of God in the Psalms, in: Biblical Faith on Inter-Faith Dialogue, ed. Israel Selvanayagam, BTESSC, 1995.


Associated with the East Parade Malayalam Church since 2000, where I preach and offer Pastoral Support. In addition I also preach and give special talk in several C.S.I., Mar Thoma and Orthodox Churches in South India in connection with the life and ministry of the United Theological College, Bangalore.

I have had the opportunity to make presentations in Retreats and Conferences of the Clergy, Youth and Laity several times.

During my sabbatical year I have had the opportunity to deliver a Convocation lecture (March 2007) at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, U.S.A. about the Rulership-Stewardship-Custodianship Models and the Creation Motif.

I have also delivered a public lecture at the Missionsseminar, Hermannsburg, Germany, in September 2006 entitled Kontextuelle Exegese: Die Bedeutung der Alttestamentlichen Forchung in Indien.

In Heidelberg, Germany, I presented a paper entitle, Dalit Theology: The Indian Church in Solidarity with the Vulnerable in the Kontaktstudium of Pastors of the Protestant Churches in Baden and W├╝rttemberg.

At the Presbyterian Seminary in Cairo I presented a paper in the Scholar’s Forum on the Relevance of Old Testament in Today’s Context.

Dr. R.N. Bissy


M.A. (Sanskrit General – First Rank-holder and Gold Medalist of the Kerala University in 1981);

M.A. (Malayalam Language & Literature 1982), University of Kerala

B.Ed. (Sanskrit Language & Literature 1983), University of Kerala;

M.A. (Sanskrit Special Vyakarana 1984), University of Kerala

Ph.D. (Sanskrit), University of Kerala.

Taught at the Diocesan School for the Blind, Varkala, and English Medium High School, Attingal, South Kerala Diocese (1983-1987).

Worked in the translation project (German to English) of Sinfonia Oecumenica (1997-1999).

Since 2000 serves as Lecturer (Part-time) for Sanskrit at the United Theological College, Bangalore.

Prepared by Aji Samuel, BD III

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