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Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben

Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben

  • Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben
                        Associate Professor of New Testament
          Department of Biblical Studies

    Presentations, Publications and Engagements (April 2010-

    Chairperson (Acting), Department of Biblical Studies

    Editor, Masihi Sevak (August, 2012-

    Associate Presbyter, Wesley English CSI Church, Bangalore

    Member, Bible Society of India, Karnataka Auxiliary, June 2009- February 2012.

    Treasurer, Society of Biblical Studies in India (SBSI), December 2012-

    Member, Board of  trustees, VISTHAR


    April 23-25, 2010. Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS). Contextually Engaged Indian Christian Theologians. ECC, Bangalore. Presentation: Towards the building up of an Alternate Community: The Case of the Corinthian Church

    25th Sep. 2010. Karnataka Theological College, Quiet Day. Presentation: Ministry and Mission. 

    Nov. 23, 2010. Mangalore University, Chair in Christianity, Social Justice Forum, Mangalore and Catholic Priests’ Conference of India – National Seminar on Sebastian Kappen and the Role of Religion and Culture in Social Transformation on Mangalore. 
    Presentation:  Decolonizing Theology: Challenges and Possibilities

    15th -17th May, 2011. The United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai. Elders and Council Members Retreat. Presentation:3 Sessions on the theme ‘Building Bridges’

    22nd Sep. 2011. VISTHAR, 13th Kappen Memorial Lecture, Bangalore.  Moderated the public lecture by Prof. Ashis Nandy, a leading national public intellectual. 

    Oct. 18th-20th, 2011. UTC Alumni Refresher Course, PresentationScripture, Conversations and ‘Ethics of the Common Good’: an Ethical Paradigm for Christian Witness

    23rd to 26th Oct. 2011. The United Basel Mission Church, Mumbai. The Kassel Camp. A Youth Conference hosted in partnership with Kassel Fund, Germany. Presentation: The Ripple Effect. 

    15th December, 2011. Mangalore Christian Council, Ecumenical Christmas, Mangalore. Presentation: Ecumenical Hospitality.

    16th December, 2011. Karnataka Theological College, Mangalore. Christmas celebrations. Presentation : Christmas means Christ-praise
    January 4-6. 2012. BTESSC/ECC. Methodology Seminar. “Margins in Conversation: Methodological Discourses in Theological Discipline”, ECC, Bangalore. Presentation: Multi-faith Hermeneutics: A Search for a Polyvalent Methodology in Biblical Hermeneutics.
    February 1-3, 2012. CMF Fathers. Consecrated Life Week Seminar; Bangalore. Presentation: The World to Be Evangelized: Challenges and Possibilities (two sessions)

    February 2nd  2012.Bishop Cotton Girls School, Graduating Thanksgiving. Presentation: Dare to dream, Dare to be different
    March 7, 2012. UTC Faculty Research Seminar, Presentation: The Fifth Gospel: Moving Beyond the Apocalyptic Deficit 

    March 12, 2012. ANEKA. Training workshop for facilitators working with sexual minorities. Bangalore. Presentation: Moral autonomy: what ought I to do

    March 17-22, 2012.World Council of Churches /United Theological College. Bangalore.  Workshop on Transformative Masculinities. Presentation: Matthew 4:1-11. Construction and Transformation of the masculinities of Jesus in the temptation narrative

    April 19-21, 2012.  CSI Synod Department of Pastoral Concerns. CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese Pastors Meeting. Goa. Presentation: One World, One Community.

    June 12-15th June, 2012.The Society of Asian Biblical Studies (SABS) at Sabah, Malaysia. Presentation: “No longer as a slave but more than a slave”- Forced Migration and the Modern Faces of Slavery

    July 2-3, 2012.  CSI Synod Department of Pastoral Concerns. Pastors Meeting (Dioceses of Nadyal and Rayalseema). Bangalore. Presentation: Forms of Oriental Spirituality 

    July 27-29,  2012.  CSI Synod Department of Diaconal Concerns. Bible and Agricultural workers workshop for Agricultural workers, Pastors and Theological Teachers at Marenahalli, Dodballapur Taluk. Bangalore Rural District. 

    August 1, 2012. Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian Law College. Presentation: Vision, Mission and Culture 

    August 2, 2012. Institute on Ecumenism (July 30th -3rd August, 2012 organized by CSI & ECC). Presentation: The Alternative Oikumene: Identity and Difference in the Midst of Harmony. 

    August 27-29, 2012. National Consultation on Corruption and Spirituality: Discourse in India in a Globalised World. (Organized by ECC, ISET and ACISCA). Presentation: Personal Transformation as Response to Countering Corruption (2 Presentations) 

    September 06, 2012 Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI Centenary Bible Study Workshop, Sep. 6-8, 2012). Presentation: Communalism: Reading of the Bible with the Hermeneutics of the Neighbhour.

    November 24, 2012  India Leadership Centre (ILC). Panel presentation on the theme, Confluence of Cultures along with Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi, Mr. Samuel Selvakumar and  Ms. Christine Jamal. Moderated by Mr. Stephen David, editor at large, former Special correspondent, India Today.

    December 3, 2012 NCCI commission on Youth and ECC. National Consultation on Peace. Presentation: Youth concerns: Relationships, Sexuality, Development. 

    January 5, 2013. Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC) Golden Jubilee celebrations. Inaugural Public Lecture. Presentation: WATER. Rivers of Living Water: Justice, Governance and Peace. 

    January 23, 2013. Bishop Cotton Girl’s School. Presentation: Dare to Fly…Soar High.
    February 8, 2013. Naga Fellowship Church, Bangalore Youth Convention. Presentation: Potters Touch.

    February 10 -17th, 2013. 118th Maramon Convention. Presentation: You are my witnesses Acts 1:8 (6 Bible studies, 1 convention talk and 1 talk at Rotary) 

             March 13, 2013. UTC Faculty Research Seminar, Presentation: Hermeneutics of the Neighbour: An Imaginative Interpretation of the Vachana Movement


    Decolonizing Theology: Challenges and Possibilities, Samsarg, (Mangalore University, Chair in Christianity). Vol. XVI, 2010

    Towards the building up of an Alternate Community: The Case of the Corinthian Church in Christian Theologizing and Social Thinking in India Vincent Rajkumar (ed.) Bangalore: CISRS, 2010. 

    “Pauline Ecclesiology: A Paradigm of Unity, Reciprocity and Universality: The Image of Body in the Corinthian ekklēsia.” Bangalore Theological Forum XLII, 1 (2010): 59-73.

    “The Tomb of Jesus: Face To Face and Faith to Faith Conversations.” Masihi Sevak, XXXVI 1 (Sep. 2011)

    Contributions in the A Companion to Confirmation T.I. James (ed.). ISPCK/CSI, 2012.
    “Multi-faith Hermeneutics: A Search for a Polyvalent Methodology in Biblical Hermeneutics,’’ in  Joseph Prabhakar Dayam and P. Mohan Larbeer, eds. Margins in Conversation: Methodological Discourses in Theological Disciplines, Bangalore: BTESSC, 2012. Repr. with revisions Swedish Missiological Themes 100. 2 (2012): 131-146.

    “The World To be Evangelized: Challenges and Possibilities.” SANYASA Journal of Consecrated Life VII, 2 (2012): 7-18.

    “The Pastor and the ‘Listening’ Ministry” Masihi Sevak, XXXVII 3 (August 2012): 26-31.
    ““The poor among the saints at Jerusalem”: Paradigms of a Jubilee Ethic for Christian Witness in India,” in Liberation Hermeneutics in the Indian Interpretation of the Bible, edited by Kondasingu Jesurathnam, Abraham Saggu and Hrangthan Chungi. Bangalore, Tiruvalla: SBSI & CSS, 2012. 

    “All Things To All People: ‘Ethics of the Common Good’ As  a Paradigm For Christian Witness In A Pluralistic Context.” Mar Thoma Seminary Journal of Theology 1 2 (2012): 22-30.

    Publications  (Forthcoming)

    Working on publication of Dissertation

    The Langham Partnership. The South Asia Biblical Commentary. Multi-author commentary with emphasis on the South Asian context in English,  MARK ; Additionally to be translated as a stand-alone commentary in Kannada

    “No longer as a slave but more than a slave.” Commentary on Philemon to be published by CSS, Tiruvalla  
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    Prepared by Mr. Isaac Bennet Joshva, BD III 

    Isaac Bennet Joshua, BD III

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