Tuesday, 1 April, 2014

Mr. I Sahaya Raj

Name: I Sahaya Raj
Age: 50
S/O IudurdayRaj
Wife: Mrs. Shoba (House Wife)
Children: Ms. Shalini- B.B.M Ist Year (Age- 24)
                Ms. Sindhu- B.Com 2 nd Year (Age-20)
                Ms. Ishwarya- 10th Standard (Age-16)

·       Joined in 1993 as Library maintenance Staff
·       Born and brought up in Bangalore
·       Member of C.S.I Hennur Church since 10 years

·       Address: Near R.T. Nagar, Kaval Bison Road
Mobile: 9611730979

He wants to continue to work for UTC till his retirement as he is fully satisfied with his job. He is very happy working under Mr. Samuel Raja (Chief Librarian). He admires his leadership skills and generosity and the way he handles the library.

He treats UTC as his second Church and he has reverence towards all professors as well as towards students, because today’s students are tomorrow’s ‘ayya's’ (Presbyter).

He actively participates in all church activities along with his children. He feels proud of his children as they are attaining greater heights through their studies. He appreciates the college for enabling him to make his children study. He sees all his three girls as his treasure.

During the interview even though I asked him to sit beside me and requested him not to call me ‘sir’, he didn’t sit and through out the interview he called me ‘sir’. This shows his respect towards other persons.

He has 20 years of experience in the UTC Library, working with different librarians, professors and students. He is impartial to all and shows much reverence towards the principal and towards his Church presbyter Rev. Cruse Diwakar.

Mr. Sahaya Raj has a message for the students of theology in UTC. “Practice what you preach”. The world is becoming more pious day by day. He is able to see some kind of transition in the students from the past generations to this generation.

Mr. Manohar Pradeep


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