Thursday, 15 August, 2013

Independence day celebrated in UTC

Rev. Earnest Deenadayalan

The 67th Independence day of India was observed in UTC today. The day started with flag hoisting at 7:00 A.M. and was followed by the Independence day worship. Rev. Earnest Deenadayalan, distinguished alumnus of the college, renowned social activist and director of "Other Media" preached based on the theme "The truth will make you free".

He challenged the UTC community to participate actively in the struggles for freedom and dignity in India today. For him, the crisis that we face today is the crisis of governance. The essence of the state-sponsored celebration of independence is to reinforce the hegemony of the national security state, which continues to unleash terror on its subjects—particularly the subaltern communities—through draconian acts to advance the interests of neo-liberal globalization and casteist forces. Christian discipleship makes it imperative on us to celebrate dissent, trusting in God’s promise of freedom and liberation.

The Independence Day special liturgy, prepared by Dr. Evangeline Anderson-Rajkumar and led by BD I students, enabled the community to reflect upon the challenges of bearing witness in the public sphere in the context of the Empire. The Independence Day celebrations concluded with community breakfast. The community participated in the planting of saplings in the Main Campus and the Nandidurga Campus under the auspices of the Creation Club of the Carey Society.

Flag hoisting and community breakfast

Plating of saplings by UTC Creation club

Inputs from Dr. George Zachariah. Photo credit Calvin Sushith Ambler.  

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