Wednesday, 12 June, 2013

Help towards UTC Centenary Mahatma Gandhi Hostel and Quarters

Proposed plan of the building project in UTC
The UTC Centenary Mahatma Gandhi Hostel and Quarters is a project of the college which was conceived for the centenary of the college in 2010. The demolition of the old Mahatma Gandhi hostel last year due to the weakness in the structure build decades ago has made this very urgent and important for UTC to function properly. The project will cost atleast 7 crore rupees (this is because of the rising cost of material and any delay in construction). The work is progressing but the college is in urgent need of funds. The principal, faculty, staff and students make an appeal to alumni, well wishers, friends, former staff, churches and all those who have been associated with UTC in anyway to remember the college in your prayers and contribute generously towards the hostel building fund.

Strength tests done in the old building suggested that the old building had to be demolished immediately

The present construction has also lead to less accomodation being on offer for students and it has affected the in take of students and the facilities on offer to them. The ecumenical nature of the college has always been a place for candidates from different denominations to come together and study together. The churches have benefited from the candidates trained and equipped from UTC. This plea goes out to all as a means to participate in the continuing mission of UTC and the churches that it serves.

An artist's impression of the building

All room and hall sponsorships will be mentioned at the entrance of the room/hall and all contributions above Rs 50,000 will be mentioned in the building itself at an appropriate and visible place. The break up for the rooms and other areas are

Sl no.
Approximate cost of one unit
Total cost
Single rooms (290 sft, 24 units)
Rs 3,50,000/-
Rs 84,00,000/-
Studio apartments (460 sft, 18 units)
Rs 9,00,000/-
Rs 162,00,000/-
MTh Family quarters (840 sft, 6 units)
Rs 15,00,000/-
Rs 90,00,000/-
Dining hall, toilet, wash area (2600 sft)
Rs 65,00,000/-
Rs 65,00,000/-
Kitchen (930 sft)
Rs 25,00,000/-
Rs 25,00,000/-
Outdoor dining (560 sft)
Rs 8,00,000/-
Rs 8,00,000/-
Toilet block in hostel (180 sft, 3)
Rs 6,00,000/-
Rs 18,00,000/-
Kitchenette+ dry wash in hostel (180 sft, 3)
Rs 4,00,000/-
Rs 12,00,000/-
Staircases- 4 nos.
Rs 15,00,000/-
Rs 60,00,000/-

Lobbies+ corridors
Entrance area+ porch

Rs 30,00,000/-
Rs 10,00,000/-
Rs 569,00,000
Wardrobes+ kitchen cabinets
Rs 25,00,000/-
Rs 25,00,000/-
Lifts (2)
Rs 25,00,000/-
Rs 25,00,000/-

You can send your contributions by cheque/draft to the United Theological College, 63 Miller's Road, Benson Town, Bangalore- 560046 in the name of the "United Theological College, Bangalore" or credit your amount to the Canara bank account numbers below.

Local account number, Canara Bank (contributions from within India only)- 0429101003275.

Foreign contribution account number, Canara Bank (contributions from outside India only)- 0429101006260.

IFSC bank code- CNRB0000429.

(Please inform us by phone at  +91-080-23332844 (Principal) and 23333438, 23330502 (General), 91-80-23330015 (fax) or email us at or if you want to know more, want to contribute or have credited money to the accounts mentioned.)

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