Thursday, 8 November, 2012

UTC Inter-Sunday school competition

The winning church with the Inter-Sun faculty advisor Rev. Dr. Evangeline Anderson Rajkumar
  The Junior Bible Fellowship of Carey society had its Inter Sunday school talent hunt on the 3rd of November 2012. The event was based on the theme “germination in a busy network”. The concept means to say that the children these days live in a ‘busy network’ of life, with school in the morning, then the tuition, music classes, sports activities and many more, on the other hand ‘germination’, the process in which a seed becomes a plant, is compared with the seed sown by the Sunday school teachers in their respective Sunday schools. This is the meaning of the theme “germination in a busy network”.

Vegetable carving competition was an interesting addition this year
Explaining the concept to the judges

There were about 28 churches Sunday school that participated in the event. The program started off with the children bursting balloons and inaugurating the event followed by praise and worship lead by ‘Affirmation’. There were various events like group singing, group instrumental, bible quiz, choreography which were poised as the main events along with new events like grain art, and treasure hunt that were introduced and event like vegetable carving, rangoli and flower arrangement in which one Sunday school teacher was allowed to participate.

The competition was well attended by children, parents and teachers from various churches in Bangalore

`St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church enthralled the audience with their amazing performance and enthusiastic participation and also won the over-all trophy yet another time, followed by St. Peters and St. Paul’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church who won the runners-up trophy. Since the theme is closely related to plants the trophies this time were also floral saplings, First prize- Chrysanthemum, Second Prize- Oleander and the Third prize- Rose. All who attended the program were enthusiastic and brought more colour to the event with their performances and their presence in the campus.
                                   Vinod Shemron, UTC Inter-Sun Co-ordinator.

The student co-ordinator of the UTC Inter-Sun competition, Mr. Vinod Shemron

(Photo credit to Mr. Joe Jacob)

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