Thursday, 7 June, 2012

College Faculty Retreat held in Fireflies

Faculty members and senior administrative staff

The retreat for faculty members and senior administrative staff of the United Theological College was held at the Fireflies Ashram, Bangalore on June 6, 2012. The half day retreat was led by the Fireflies director Sidhartha. The ashram situated in Dinnepalya, Kaggalipura is a place to retreat, rediscover, regroup and renew. The earth and eco friendly place is filled with granite stone architecture, old style villas, a walking path and meeting places.

Stone relief of Mahatma Gandhi
The faculty members and bursar started for the ashram in the morning and was greeted by the friendly staff and the director. Mr. Sidhartha introduced the teaching staff to the ashram, the different stone works, the idea behind the place and the inter religious thought that has gone into the work there.

Coffee break

Talking and walking
The spiritual guru Sidhartha in his talk gave stress to climate justice, food security, alternative power, and the suffering of fringe communities. He reminded the faculty on the future yet imminent threat of lack of water and offered the alternative of cultivating different crops as a way to tackle this danger. He shared his fears of the possibility of gated cities, and elites protecting their own interests. Different faculty members shared their own views on the topic as well.

Mr. Sidhartha explaining the concept of the pictures

The principal Dr. John Samuel Raj honouring the director of Fireflies

The principal and faculty members thanked the ashram members for their hospitality and warmth. The faculty members also used the time available to interact with each other and relax in the green environs.  

A group picture of the UTC teaching staff and the bursar

Traditional houses add to the rustic touch of the ashram

A statue showing the care of a parent
A beautiful place for live performances

Retreating to the UTC van

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