Friday, 4 November, 2011

UTC Inter-House Cultural Competitions 2011

Inter-House Cultural Competitions 2011-12
The Inter-House Cultural Competition 2011-2012 was held on 1st November, 2011, Rajyotsava Day in the United Theological College by the Cultural Wing of the Carey Society. The four houses Devanandan, Thorp, Herrick and Larsen showed high spirit and competency throughout all competitions. The Competitions began at 9.30 am in JRC with Pencil drawing and Essay Writing. The first part of the competitions was held in JRC and the second part of the competitions was held in Charles Ranson Hall. The competitions included Pencil Drawing and Water colour painting for adults as well as children. The other literary items were Essay writing, Short-story writing and Poetry writing. The performing events started from 2.30 pm at Charles Ranson Hall starting with solo events-western and eastern followed by group singing-western and eastern. It was followed by instrumentals, choreography, skit, press conference and mono act. The judges for the event were Prof.I.P Santiago, Mrs.Geetha Basappa and Mr. Isaac Behera.
Vinod Babu,
Cultural Programme Co-ordinator,
Carey Society, U.T.C, Bangalore.


Anonymous said...

Inter - House Cultural Competition in UTC Bangalore helps all the students to bring out all their talents.....and also a time of fellowship.A special word of thanks to Mr. Vinod Babu ( Cultural Secretary)...

Anonymous said...

It looks like the organizers have indeed done a good job.